Saturday, October 14, 2017

Students Selected by Audition for 2017 NWIBA JH Honor Band Festival

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to the 2017 NWIBA JH Honor Band Festival.  These students will rehearse with other students from Northwest Iowa and perform a final concert on Saturday, November 4th at 6:00 pm in Storm Lake, Iowa.

East Middle School
Angela Kroska, Anna Scott, and Brad Anderson
Tiahna Grady,  Flute, 8th grade
Faith TenHulzen, Flute, 8th grade
Joseph Hansen, Trumpet, 8th grade
Joseph DeBates, Trombone, 7th grade 

North Middle School
Amy Ortmann, Faith Hall, and Austin Simon
Keera Adajar, Oboe, 7th grade
Gretchen Hoffman, Bassoon, 7th grade
Ian Julius, Alto Sax, 7th grade
Brecken Baller, Bari Sax, 8th grade
Isaac Travis, Trumpet, 8th grade
Megan Kopp, Trombone, 8th grade
Michael Toben, Tuba, 7th grade

 West Middle School
Katelyn Birch, Jessica Todd, and Patrick Patterson 
Marin Frazee, Clarinet, 7th grade
Gisselle Ayala Garcia, Clarinet, 8th grade
 Anh Nguyen, Clarinet, 7th grade
Abigail Hammer, Trumpet, 7th grade
Elias Vargas, Trombone, 8th grade
Iris Engelhardt, String Bass, 8th grade

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