Sunday, September 28, 2014


This week was an exciting week as I started meeting with and coaching educators.  The opportunity to have rich conversations revolving around best practice in the classroom and seeing it through are second to none.  I am incredibly excited about coaching and working with educators in Music, Art, PE and Health this year as part of the TLC grant.

Coaching this week included the following:
  • Discussion, observation and further discussion revolving around transitions in the classroom.
  • Discussion led to solutions for performance based formative assessment grading vs. behavior grading.
  • Helped an educator to better understand the new grading program Infinite Campus.  While working on this the discussion turned to standards based grading and placing the responsibility for learning on the students.  This will open up opportunities for the educator to work 1:1 with students.
  • Model Taught a lesson on a syncopated rhythm pattern which turned into rich discussion regarding teaching strategies and student engagement.

With the discussion and model teaching that I did this past week, I created a form and sent out to all PE, Art, and Music educators in our district K-12.  I am so excited about the opportunity to help our educators grow and reflect on their craft. 

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