Thursday, December 17, 2015

Students selected for NWIA Honor Orchestra

The following students were selected through audition to represent the Sioux City Community School District at Northwest Iowa Honor Orchestra Thursday, January 21st in Sioux Center.

East High School
Eleanor May-Patterson, Orchestra Director
Jeff Soukup and Brad Anderson, Band Directors
Emily Miranda-Violin II
Hannah Von Hagel-Viola
Jestin Cam-Viola
Andrew Flory-Cello
Anna Geerlings-Flute
Paige Susie-Trumpet

East Middle School
Eleanor May-Patterson, Orchestra Director
Caleb Baker-Viola
Lauren Geerlings-Violin
Anna Marburger-Violin
Katie Lammers-Violin
Nathan Whitaker-Bass
Leai Britton-Violin
Amanda DeBates-Violin
Tony Thach-Violin

North High School
Paula Ulicsni, Orchestra Director
Faith Hall, Amy Ortmann, Dan Knowles, Band Directors
Robert Hwang-Violin I
Sarah Glade-Violin I
Lindsey Kopp-Violin II
Emma Baller-Viola
Benjamin Medbourn-Alternate 
Stephanie Warnstadt-Cello
Grant Hein-Bass
Trina Swanson-Oboe
Anya Shorey-Bassoon
Kari Swanson-Trumpet
Jackie Toben-Percussion

North Middle School 
 Paula Ulicsni, Orchestra Director
Emma Hawkinson-Violin
Raquel Valladolid-Viola
Montana Allyn-Viola
Derek Hwang-Cello
Nick Millen-Cello
Soren Peterson-Cello

West High School
Kristen Ortmann, Orchestra Director
Bella Schwerin-Cello
Bobby Berntson-Cello

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