Thursday, October 20, 2016

Students Selected for 2016 NWIBA JH Honor Band Festival

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to the 2016 NWIBA JH Honor Band Festival.  These students will rehearse with other students from Northwest Iowa and perform a final concert on Saturday, November 5th at 6:00 pm in Storm Lake, Iowa.

East Middle School
Brad Anderson, Lois Harris, Stacie Pepin, Anna Scott 
Tiahna Grady,  Flute, 7th grade
Katie Lammers,  Flute, 8th grade
Madison Rhee, Flute, 8th grade
Jadyn Roder, Flute, 8th grade
Faith TenHulzen, Flute, 7th grade
Lauren Geerlings, Oboe,  8th grade 
Isabelle Ford, Clarinet, 8th grade
Cindy Lara, Clarinet, 8th grade
Jacob Mace, Clarinet, 8th grade
Diana Mata Sandoval, Clarinet, 8th grade 
Jonas Donnelly, Bass Clarinet, 8th grade 
Mason Hardin, French Horn, 8th grade
Juan Fuentes, Trumpet, 8th grade 
Joseph Hansen, Trumpet, 7th grade  
Collin Martin, Trumpet, 8th grade
Aiden Westra, Trumpet, 7th grade
Ryan Crawford, Euphonium, 8th grade
McKennzie Carey, Trombone,  8th grade
Jace Ross, Percussion, 8th grade

North Middle School
Faith Hall, Dan Knowles, Amy Ortmann, Austin Simon
Emma Gross, Clarinet, 8th grade
Johanna Swanson, Bassoon, 7th grade
Reed Adajar, Alto Sax, 8th grade
Colin Greenwell, Tenor Sax, 8th grade
Brecken Baller, Bari Sax, 7th grade
Emma Walz, Trumpet, 8th grade
Caleb Weber, Trumpet, 8th grade
Noah Cohrs, Euphonium, 8th grade

 West Middle School
Katelyn Birch, Patrick Patterson, Cody Tucker, Jesse Wipperling
Dani Youngberg, Clarinet, 8th grade
Michael Duax, Trumpet, 8th grade
Colin Houts, Trumpet, 8th grade
Elias Vargas, Trombone, 7th grade

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