Friday, December 2, 2016

NWIA HS Honor Band Students Selected

The following students were selected through an audition process to participate in the NWIA Bandmasters High School Honor Band on January 7, 2017 at Morningside College. Following the day of rehearsals the final performance will begin at 7:00 pm in Epply Auditorium.

East High School
Educators: Anna Scott, Brad Anderson, Lois Harris and Stacie Pepin

Anna Geerlings - Flute
Debora Allard - Flute
Jessica Melville - Clarinet I
Bridget Carpenter - Clarinet II
Jessica Rebstock - Clarinet II
Rachel Kitrell - Clarinet II
Lincoln Rahn - Clarinet III
Lydia Prior - Clarinet III
Enriqueta Bracamonte - Clarinet III
Maria Mata - Clarinet III
Hannah King - Clarinet III
Caitlin McEntaffer - Bass Clarinet
Nathan Whitaker - Bari Saxophone
Noah Cvrk - Trumpet I
Amanda DeBates - Trumpet II
Andrew Flory - Trombone I
Ethan Vick - Trombone III
Brian Nathaniel - Trombone III
Cameron Jensen - Tuba

North High School
Educators: Faith Hall, Austin Simon, Amy Ortmann and Dan Knowles

 Eleanor Chalstrom - Oboe
Luella Gaskell - Clarinet I
Sarah Glade - Clarinet II
Kaitlin Palmersheim - Clarinet III
Quinn Adajar - Alto Saxophone I
Eizabeth Reiva - Alto Saxophone II
Elizabeth Glade - Tenor Saxophone 
Faith Harvey - Bari Saxophone
Cedric Cogdill - Trumpet I
Kari Sawnson - Trumpet I
Alexis Kolls - Trumpet III
Grant Hein - French Horn III
Stephanie Warnstadt - Trombone II
Aidan Shorey - Euphonium
Alex Julius - String Bass
Jon Denne - Percussion
Ciara Hess - Percussion
Maddie Stroman - Percussion
Jackie Toben - Percussion

West High School
Educators: Cody Tucker, Patrick Patterson, Jesse Wipperling and Katelyn Birch

 Danielle Schultz - Clarinet I
Brandon Schroder - Bass Clarinet
Kiley Fridley - Bassoon II
Jose Ayala Garcia - Tenor Saxophone
Juan Oropeza - Trumpet II
Hannah Fridley - Trumpet III
Arabella Schwerin - Trombone II
Robert Berntson - Euphonium
Noah Youngberg - Percussion

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