Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sioux City High School Students Selected by Audition for NWIBA Honor Band

The following students auditioned on November 4, 2017 in Storm Lake for placement in the NWIBA Honor Band to be held in January on the campus of Morningside. The festival will take place on January 6, 2018.

East High
Debora Allard - flute
Anna Geerlings - flute
Lauren Geerlings - oboe
Jestin Cam - clarinet
Bridget Carpenter - clarinet
Jessica Melville - clarinet
Lincoln Rahn - clarinet
Jessica Rebstock - clarinet
Nathan Kitrell - alto saxophone
Tracie Melville - baritone saxophone
Nathan Whitaker - baritone saxophone
Amanda DeBates - trumpet
Juan Fuentes - trumpet
Mason Hardin - french horn
Alex Melville - french horn
McKennzie Carey - trombone
Andrew Flory - trombone
Ryan Crawford - euphonium 
Educators: Ms. Anna Scott, Mr. Brad Anderson, and Ms. Angela Kroska

North High
 Eleanor Chalstrom - oboe
Luella Gaskell - clarinet
Sarah Glade - clarinet
Quinn Adajar - alto saxophone
Reed Adajar - baritone saxophone
Samantha Rosenthal - french horn
Alexis Kolls - trumpet
Megan Sites - trumpet
Kari Swanson - trumpet
Nat Adams - trombone
Stephanie Warnstadt - trombone
Aidan Shorey - euphonium
Alex Julius - string bass 
Ciara Hess - percussion
Ethan Newbrough - percussion
Educators: Ms. Faith Hall, Mr. Austin Simon and Mrs. Amy Ortmann

West High
Megan Junke - flute
Dani Youngbert -  clarinet
Destini Schmit - clarinet
Brandon Schroder - bass clarinet
Jose Ayala-Garcia - tenor saxophone
Noah Youngberg - percussion
Educators: Ms. Jessica Todd, Mr. Patrick Patterson, and Mrs. Katie Birch

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