Sunday, November 8, 2015

Students selected for NWI JH Honor Band

The following students were selected through an audition process to practice and perform with the NWI JH Honor Band. Their final performance was last night in Storm Lake. Congratulations to all students that improved their skills by auditioning.

Those selected to NWI JH Honor Band:

East Middle
 Directors: Lois Harris and Katelyn Warnock
Abby Mulvihill, 8th Flute
Hana Oldroyd, 8th Flute
Madison Rhee, 7th Flute
Lauren Geerlings, 7th Oboe
Enrriqueta Bracamonte, 8th Clarinet
Isabelle Ford, 7th Clarinet
Hannah King, 8th Clarinet
Jacob Mace, 7th Clarinet
Quillen Mathiason, 8th Clarinet
Lincoln Rahn, 8th Clarinet
Aria Smith, 8th Clarinet
Jonas Donnelly, 7th Bass Clarinet
Nathan Whitaker, 8th Bari Sax
Mason Hardin, 7th French Horn
Alexa Ringling, 8th French Horn
Nick Bartels, 8th Trumpet
Amanda DeBates, 8th Trumpet
McKenzie Carey, 7th Trombone 
Brian Nathaniel, 8th Trombone
Ryan Crawford, 7th Euphonium
Cameron Jensen, 8th Tuba

North Middle
Directors: Amy Ortmann and Dan Knowles
Montana Allyn, 8th  Clarinet
Reed Adajar, 7th Alto sax
Gerrit Nieuwendorp, 8th French Horn
Caleb Weber, 7th Trumpet
Nick Millen, 7th Trombone

West Middle
 Directors: Jesse Wipperling and Staci Pepin
Kamari Jones 8th clarinet

Scott Porsch 8th clarinet
  Dani Youngberg 7th clarinet
Michael Duax 7th trumpet

Students from North Middle School

Students from East Middle School

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