Monday, September 21, 2015

Asking Questions - Searching for Solutions

How do you make something better?  Ask questions, surround yourself with knowledgable and inquisitive people and seek out answers.

Last week I tweeted Microsoft OneNote EDU with a platform question.  Before I knew what happened the tweet had been forwarded from the program manager to an engineer. Within minutes I had a private message asking for contact info. Today I had a conference call with a Microsoft engineer from Washington.

Last year the teams I work with used Microsoft OneNote to unwrap their New National Standards and collaborate during the curriculum process. This provided a great platform for our work and collaboration across the district when we were not able to be in the same location.

This year I have challenged our educators to use OneNote Class Notebook for Authentic Assessment, Feedback and collaboration for students. I have modeled this through setting up Class Notebooks for all of the educators that I coach and work with.

Today during our conference call I learned that the questions I posed had not been considered or thought of in the design. The team was very interested in further discussion.

We are leading the way with the way we are using OneNote Classroom for coaching and classroom instruction video and reflection.  Our phone conversation ended with the engineer saying- "as we develop this out, we will be in contact with you to test." 

I am on cloud nine that I was afforded the opportunity to visit with an engineer for Microsoft Education today and chat about platform design to meet our needs here in Sioux City.

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